Tunisian crochet baby blanket with velvet thread

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tunisian crochet! Whether you’re new to this technique or a seasoned veteran, this crochet baby blanket is a charming and rewarding project. With a luxurious touch of velvet thread, you’ll create a piece that’s not only pretty, but also soft and cozy for little ones. So, grab your crochet needles and let’s get started!

Necessary materials:

Velvet thread in a color of your choice.
Tunisian crochet hook, suitable for the thickness of your velvet thread.
Tapestry needle for finishing.

Step by step:

Step 1: Choose your velvet thread and Tunisian needle. Make sure the needle is the appropriate size for the thread thickness, ensuring a uniform and beautiful end result.

Step 2: Make a chain with a number of stitches that are a multiple of two. This will be the starting size of your blanket. For example, a chain of 80 stitches will create a blanket approximately 40 centimeters wide.

Step 3: Work the basic Tunisian crochet stitch (also known as single stitch or afghan stitch) through all the loops. Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook, make a loop and keep it on the hook. Continue looping each chain until the end of the row. To return, work the loops from left to right.

Step 4: Continue weaving in Tunisian stitch until the blanket reaches the desired length. Remember to maintain even tension throughout the piece to prevent it from being too tight or too loose.

Step 5: When you reach the desired size, make a simple border around the blanket to add a finishing touch. You can make a traditional crochet border or even a picot border for a more decorative look.

Step 6: Finish your blanket by weaving in the loose ends with a tapestry needle. Make sure to hide the hairs well for a clean, professional finish.

Step 7: Admire your beautiful creation! Feel proud of your work and the love you put into each stitch. This blanket will be a treasured piece for any lucky baby who receives it.

Now that you’ve completed your Tunisian crochet blanket with velvet thread, you can be inspired to create more wonderful projects.

Experiment with different thread colors or patterns to personalize your pieces and make them truly unique. Remember, the art of crochet is a creative and rewarding journey, so have fun and keep weaving with love!

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We wish all our dear readers a wonderful week, full of creativity and lots of crochet yarn crafts. Good crochet.
With love, Step by step Crochet!

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