Tunisian Crochet Pattern Explanation

Welcome to the captivating world of Tunisian crochet! This pattern is perfect for beginners, providing a gentle introduction to this fascinating and versatile technique. Let’s start:

Necessary materials:
Tunisian crochet hook suitable for the chosen thread size.
Medium or thick weight yarn in the color of your choice.

Step 1: Understanding the Tunisian Hook:
The Tunisian crochet hook differs from conventional crochet hooks due to its extended length. It resembles a mix between a knitting needle and a traditional crochet hook.

Step 2: Assembling the Starting Chain:
Make a chain with an even number of stitches. For example, 20 points to start.
Now, insert the hook into the second stitch in the chain from the hook. Pull one handle up.

Continue inserting the hook into each stitch on the chain, pulling one loop through each stitch. In the end, you will have the same number of loops on the hook as the number of stitches in the chain.

Step 3: Working on your First Career:
To start the first round, insert the hook into the second stitch from the hook and pull up one loop.
Now keep that loop on the hook and insert the hook into the next stitch, pulling another loop up.

Continue this process until you reach the end of the row.
At the end of the row, you will have several loops on the hook.

Step 4: Returning to the Next Career:
Now, to return to the row, you will work the hook loops one by one.
Start by working the loop closest to the needle. To do this, insert the hook into the strap, pull one strap up and keep it on the hook.
Repeat this process for each loop on the hook until only one loop remains.

Step 5: Continuing the Pattern:
Continue alternating between steps 3 and 4 until you reach the desired length for your crochet piece.

Extra Tips:
Don’t worry if your piece looks wrinkled at first. Tunisian crochet tends to curl a little, but this usually resolves itself as you continue working.

Experiment with different stitch and color combinations to create unique patterns and textures on your pieces.

Now you are ready to begin your Tunisian crochet journey! Have fun exploring this creative and inspiring technique.

Always remember to practice with patience and persistence, as each stitch is an opportunity to learn and grow as a craftsman.

Access the free crochet patterns in video 

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We wish all our dear readers a wonderful week, full of creativity and lots of crochet yarn crafts. Good crochet.
With love, Step by step Crochet!

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