Crochet a Heptad Granny Top

Crochet a Heptad Granny Top. Hello dear reader, today I come to leave here another simple and complete step-by-step guide to crochet a Heptad Granny Top. This is a great crochet project for beginners, and you can customize it your way. Let’s start:

Necessary materials:
Cotton thread in the desired color (you can choose more than one color)
Yarn-compatible crochet hook
Tapestry needle for sewing

Step 1: Start the Magic Ring
Hold the end of the thread in the palm of your left hand.
Take the thread in your right hand and loop it around your fingers to form a circle.
Insert the needle into the circle, grab the yarn and pull it through the circle to form a loop.
Now you have the magic ring ready!

Step 2: Make the First Double Stitch (PA)
Make 3 chains to work your way up (they count as the first double crochet).
Make 2 more double crochets in the magic ring.
You will have a total of 3 high points in the magic ring.

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Step 3: Continue Making Double Stitches
Make 3 chains to climb.
Make 2 more double crochets in the magic ring.
Repeat this step two more times for a total of 4 groups of 3 double crochets in the magic ring.
Make sure to leave a little space between each group.

Step 4: Close the Magic Ring
Pull the thread to tighten the magic ring.
Use the tapestry needle to sew the end of the yarn into the first double crochet to close the circle.

Step 5: Continue the Top
Now, you have a circle in the middle. You can choose a different color for the next circle if you wish.
Attach the new color to the space between two groups of double crochets.
Make 3 chains to climb.
Make 2 double crochets in the same space.
Continue making 3 double crochets in each space between the double crochet groups from the previous circle.
Join the last round as you did in Step 4.

Step 6: Shoulder Straps
Now, you have a bigger circle.
Choose one end of the circle to be the front of your top.
Attach the wire to the chosen end.
Make a chain, then work a row of double crochets at the same end, creating a strap wide enough to cover your shoulder.
Repeat the process on the other end to create the other shoulder strap.

Step 7: Finishing
Cut the thread and tie tightly.
Use the tapestry needle to hide any loose ends.
Ready! Your crochet Heptad Granny Top is ready to be worn.
Remember, you can customize the size, colors, and style of this top to suit your preferences. Have fun creating and using your new crochet piece!

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We at the We Love Crochet blog wish all our beloved readers a wonderful week, full of God’s blessings in their homes, and of course, not least many skeins of yarn to crochet. A big hug to everyone, that’s what we want. We Love Crochet.

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